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Trim, combine, convert, and burn your H.264-encoded MP4 video files
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Offered as a free tool for customers who buy any of the existing ClonerAlliance’s video-capturing hardware tools, MP4 Cloner is actually a free tool for everyone wishing to make the most of their MP4 video files. With this attractive and easy-to-use utility you can trim, merge, convert, and burn to DVD or BD your best home movies and any other MP4 file as long as it’s been encoded using the H.264 codec.

In terms of licensing, MP4 Cloner is a bit confusing. You can download it for free and make use of its full functionality without registering it, but if you are a client, you can use the registration code of your HDML-Cloner Helper, HDML-Cloner Wand Helper, or your HDML-Cloner Pro Helper to register your copy of MP4 Cloner. The actual benefits of registering (either in terms of functionality or of keeping the program updated) are a mystery to me. Just to complicate things further, you will see a “Buy me” button – just by the “Download” button –that will actually let you purchase a copy of the program for 59.99 USD. Either way, the option to download and use MP4 Cloner for free to trim, combine, convert, and burn H.264-encoded MP4 video files is still there.

The program opens as a menu with the main four options mentioned above. Trimming your MP4 videos is an extremely simple task. You can let the program play back the selected video and click on the Start Time and End Time buttons whenever you reach the desired points. Another option is to key in the start and end points yourself using the HH:MM:SS format.

A third possibility will let you trim multiple sections in one single operation by adding the various time pairs to the corresponding box. You can also merge any number of compatible MP4 video files just by adding them to the list in the Combine option. Here you’ll be allowed to decide on the output audio stream of the combined file among AAC, MP3, and AC3. You can also edit and order the list in various ways before launching the merging process. The Convert option offers a bit more room for customizing the output. Not only you can select the video codec among MP4, MPG, TS, AVI, and MOV, but you may also decide on the audio codec, the video resolution, and the bit rate.

Finally, you can burn your trimmed, combined, and converted video files to disc (both DVD and BD) using the Burn option of this tool. It supports all common sizes (DVD5, DVD9, BD25, and BD50) and video resolutions. However, no authoring menu tool or menu templates have been included, which is certainly a pity.

All in all, MP4 Cloner in an interesting (and apparently totally free) utility that anyone can use to create homemade video discs out of their MP4 video collection. Initially devised as a companion tool for a set of specific hardware products, it is limited to H.264-encoded MP4 files for the input, but if that happens to be codec you use to build your video collection, this tool can be a nice add-on to your desktop.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to configure the conversión output
  • Supports multiple trimming
  • Converts video to the most common formats


  • Limited to H.264-encoded MP4 video files
  • No menu capabilities for disc burning
  • Does not support audio extraction
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